‘Swing the club­head to the right of the tar­get to cure a slice ’


The big­gest mis­take I see from am­a­teurs is a slice where the club gets whipped in­side early on the take­away, then chucked over the top in the tran­si­tion. It comes down like you’re club­bing a seal and you hit across the ball from the out­side of the tar­get line. This body move­ment can be so in­grained that it is hard for am­a­teurs to change it to a swing that sees them hit the ball from the in­side by think­ing about po­si­tions and body move­ments. It can be much eas­ier to think about what the club­head is do­ing through im­pact as an ex­ter­nal fo­cus.

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