I need to ‘stiff’ an iron shot

Golf World (UK) - - SCORE SAVERS - By Stuart Dowsett

The tell-tale sign of a good iron shot is a good divot. Con­trary to what you might think, the divot is taken af­ter you’ve struck the ball. To help de­liver the slight de­scend­ing blow you need, visualise a small tee in the ground the tar­get side of the ball. As you make your swing, fo­cus on re­mov­ing the tee from the ground. If you achieve this, you’ll have com­pressed the ball nicely.

Keep­ing the right shoul­der low through the hit­ting area is a con­tribut­ing fac­tor to com­press­ing the ball. If it re­mains high through im­pact, your swing path will likely be too out-to-in and you’ll cut across the ball in­stead of squeez­ing it for­wards....

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