“A change of shaft cured my pull shot”

Modern tech­nol­ogy can re­duce the ef­fects of a dam­ag­ing swing flaw.


Derek says:

“I started the ses­sion talk­ing to Nick about his shot-shape ten­den­cies as well as his pref­er­ences for head de­sign and topline. I know that he is very vis­ual in his pref­er­ences. Nick turns the club over quickly through im­pact – which means un­less he times it per­fectly, he’s pulling the ball left. I wanted a so­lu­tion that pulled a lit­tle speed from the hit so that he didn’t have to “money” it ev­ery time to get the dis­tance he wants.

“I was also try­ing to en­hance speed re­ten­tion across the face. I thought that if I could man­age the way the club­head moves through im­pact - ie. not want­ing to ro­tate too quickly – and keep the speed con­sis­tent across the face to re­duce the ef­fects of mishits – we would see an im­prove­ment. In other words, I was look­ing to use speed tech­nol­ogy to man­age ball speed across the face in­stead of just out-and-out dis­tance on pure shots.

“Nick also tends to spin out of the shot a lit­tle early in his down­swing with a re­sult­ing low thin, so I rec­om­mended a 1/2-inch longer than stan­dard shaft to help him stay a lit­tle taller through the strike. In terms of the grip, I rec­om­mended a multi com­pound plus 4, with an ex­tra wrap un­der the grip. Again, just to slow the hands down a heart­beat through im­pact to save the shot from miss­ing left.

“As for the shaft, we needed some­thing sta­ble, low on torque and fairly firm in the tip. In the­ory, this com­bi­na­tion works against the higher ball flight that Nick wanted to see, which meant we needed a spe­cific type of head – one that cre­ated the ball speed through the face tech­nol­ogy rather than ma­nip­u­lated launch con­di­tions.”

Nick says:

“I’ve al­ways been a golfer who has tried to im­prove by mak­ing swing changes rather than us­ing modern club tech­nol­ogy to com­pen­sate for swing flaws. But it quickly be­came ap­par­ent dur­ing this fit­ting that equip­ment could help re­duce some of my more dam­ag­ing ten­den­cies.

“I wasn’t re­ally look­ing for ex­tra dis­tance from this fit­ting, more peace of mind that I had op­ti­mised ev­ery club in the bag. At 50 years old, I’m con­scious of the fact that, while I can still get it out there, my swing speed and power are only go­ing one way.

“Derek rec­om­mended the Tay­lor-Made P790 or the M3 irons and I agreed. I need the ball speed re­ten­tion be­cause iron play is the weak­est part of my game. When we switched into the rec­om­mended shaft, I in­stantly no­ticed my slight pull straight­ened out.

“I liked the Rogue driver rec­om­men­da­tion, too. It’s a re­ally sta­ble club­head, which helps keep my hands out of the shot, but it also gave me ex­tra dis­tance over my pre­vi­ous driver. I was par­tic­u­larly in­ter­ested also when Derek rec­om­mended that I swap out my trusty 3-hy­brid in favour of a 5-wood. I have kept a 4-hy­brid but Derek be­lieves the 5-wood will flight the ball bet­ter than the 3-hy­brid and give me more stop­ping power on the greens.”

En­hanced dis­tance and tight dis­per­sion made the Rogue driver an ideal choice.

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