“I gained 35 yards switch­ing driver”

With­out sac­ri­fic­ing ac­cu­racy, Kit made sig­nif­i­cant dis­tance gains.


Derek says:

“Kit’s swing ten­dency is to get a lit­tle bit ahead of the shot and a touch late into im­pact. His nat­u­ral swing path is a lit­tle out-to-in, so the miss is nearly al­ways to the right. In direct con­trast to Nick’s fit­ting (see page 55) we tried to bring in a cer­tain amount of off­set in the iron head to al­low the club­head to re­lease a lit­tle with a more flex­i­ble tip (the Nip­pon 950Gh shaft has a softer tip) to help elim­i­nate the bad shot.

“But we needed a bal­ance. Kit doesn’t like the club to feel too heavy and he doesn’t like the look of chunkier irons. We want to bring the clubs half­way to the golfer, so you’re not en­tirely fix­ing the prob­lem, but it be­comes less of one. We also went for heads/ faces de­signed for speed and that also helped to launch the ball a bit higher since Kit’s nat­u­ral ball-flight is a touch on the low side. The higher ball flight meant we could bring the 4-iron back into his set so he only needed a 3-hy­brid.

“Kit’s cur­rent driver had a lit­tle too much spin so while it was straight and he hit a lot of fair­ways, it lacked dis­tance. When we put him into a lower-spin­ning head, he jumped 35 yards with­out sac­ri­fic­ing any sig­nif­i­cant loss of ac­cu­racy. We could only do that be­cause he hits up on the ball. Re­gard­less, it’s a huge dis­tance gain.”

Kit says:

“The fit­ting was com­pre­hen­sive and en­joy­able. It was good to get some data with my cur­rent clubs at the start, so we knew what we had to im­prove. The dia­logue was con­stant through­out, which helped me to feel at ease and con­vey ex­actly what I was look­ing for and feel­ing through the en­tire process. Some of the ques­tions Derek fired at me re­ally got me think­ing about each club and my per­for­mance.

“We started with the irons and I must have hit eight or 10 dif­fer­ent mod­els be­fore nar­row­ing it down to a cou­ple. The TaylorMade M3 were my choice be­cause they pro­duced the high­est flight with a good amount of for­give­ness, and I love the look and feel.

“I’ve al­ways favoured the Vokey wedge shape and we went with quite a strong gap wedge be­cause I hit my pitch­ing wedge pretty far. It was amaz­ing how much the bounce and grind op­tions af­fected my per­for­mance. I’m rel­a­tively steep into the ball and the M grind worked re­ally well for me in the sand and lob wedges.

“I tried four dif­fer­ent hy­brids with the head pro­file that I like. The num­bers were very close be­tween the TaylorMade M4 and the Mizuno CLK but I opted for the lat­ter be­cause the feel was closer to what I’m fa­mil­iar with.

“The driver was a sur­prise. I’ve favoured more for­giv­ing and higher-spin­ning mod­els the last few years but the Call­away Rogue Sub Zero – a driver I would never have con­sid­ered I’d have suc­cess with – gave me an ex­tra 35 yards off the tee and was re­mark­ably straight and for­giv­ing. A game-changer.

“The Call­away Fu­sion 3-wood is a club I al­ready had in the bag and there was no rea­son to change.”

Kit switched to the sleek but user-friendly TaylorMade M3 irons.

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