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How to get the most out of every drive – BMW PGA champ Francesco Moli­nari shows you how.

Only five play­ers hit a higher per­cent­age of fair­ways last year than Francesco Moli­nari and in 2015 the Ital­ian recorded the most ac­cu­rate sea­son of driv­ing on the PGA Tour in the last decade. But he also gets it out there, av­er­ag­ing 308.9 yards. That com­bi­na­tion of dis­tance and ac­cu­racy ranks him sev­enth in strokes gained off the tee. Along­side long-time swing coach De­nis Pugh, the 35-year-old has built a swing that hits it long and straight.


Bal­anced and re­laxed, Francesco’s weight is on the mid­dle of his feet, of­fer­ing good sta­bil­ity. There’s noth­ing un­com­fort­able or forced; this is his nat­u­ral pos­ture over a golf ball.


A text­book ‘one-piece’ move as hands, hips and shoul­ders all work away to­gether. The club­face per­fectly matches his spine an­gle, show­ing he’s kept it square with no ma­nip­u­la­tion.


The club­face re­mains per­fectly square, now match­ing Moli­nari’s left wrist. Keep­ing it square through­out the swing means he doesn’t have to ‘work it’ at im­pact, a key to his con­sis­tent ac­cu­racy.


The club­face is still square, mean­ing all he needs is solid con­tact for an ac­cu­rate shot. A neu­tral swing plane means he can hit fades or draws with­out hav­ing to make big al­ter­ations.


Still in pos­ture, Moli­nari’s hips have ro­tated but not fired to­wards the ball – a com­mon ama­teur mis­take. His pas­sive hands are not ro­tat­ing hard or ‘flip­ping’, an­other ac­cu­racy killer.


A bal­anced and con­trolled fin­ish, Francesco’s whole body has ro­tated to face the tar­get. All the weight has shifted to the out­side of his left foot, de­liv­er­ing max­i­mum power.

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