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I am get­ting a lit­tle tired of the on­go­ing never-end­ing de­bate over the golf ball go­ing “too far” and the equip­ment be­ing “too hot”. There is talk and de­bate of what to do, have a pro ball, make cour­ses tighter or longer and so on and so on, but it seems to me the pow­ers at be are miss­ing an ob­vi­ous fix for the pro or top ama­teur game.

Why not limit the num­ber of times in a round that driver can be used? Why not limit the loft of a three wood to say a max­i­mum of 15 de­grees at the same time to pre­vent strong 3-woods re­plac­ing driv­ers to get round the max­i­mum amount of driver plays per round?

Nor­mally there are four par 3s, and a mix­ture of par 4s and par 5s on every course. Why not stip­u­late that any club can be hit from the tee on par 3s but a max­i­mum of seven driv­ers can only be hit in any round, four 3-woods and on the re­main­ing three holes any club can be hit from the tee other than driver or 3-wood.

Each player will then have to come up with a strat­egy to play the course given these lim­i­ta­tions which in turn will give us view­ers and TV pun­dits lots to talk about given the de­ci­sions each player makes.

The game will be­come more strate­gic and stop the long­est hit­ters dom­i­nat­ing, though we will still see those drives as the seven-hole rule still lets us all en­joy the spec­ta­cle of the big­gest drives.

The changes can be re­flected by ad­just­ing the score card to al­low an in­di­ca­tion for where driver, 3-wood

and other clubs are used from the tee. This would get away from length­en­ing cour­ses, lim­it­ing the ball or equip­ment and could add a new di­men­sion to the game while re­tain­ing the big drives that we all like to see. Ken Smith, Email

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