The align­ment guides on put­ters match the ra­dius of a golf ball.

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Where does the new XR fit in a crowded mar­ket?

If you’re miss­ing more than your fair share of putts, it may not be your eyes or stroke that are to blame but the align­ment guides on your put­ter. On Cleve­land’s TFi 2135 put­ters, the align­ment guides have been raised to pre­cisely 21.35mm from the ground. That’s the ex­act ra­dius of a golf ball. In sim­ple terms, this means that no mat­ter how you ad­dress the ball, your put­ter align­ment will be per­fect ev­ery time. TFi 2135 put­ters also fea­ture Speed op­ti­mised milling, a new face tech­nol­ogy that uses a unique milling pat­tern on each model to pro­vide con­sis­tent speed and dis­tance con­trol, even with mishits struck on the heel or toe.

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