Call­away and Vokey are big play­ers on Tour, but which model is best for you?

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Call­away and Vokey wedges go head to head.


It has a slightly larger pro­file than other pre­mium wedges and a curved lead­ing edge that of­fers more turf for­give­ness. You can feel the fric­tion from the Mi­cro-pos­i­tive sur­face tex­ture with your fin­gers.

The sound is quite ‘clicky’, which gives the im­pres­sion that the feel is quite firm. How­ever, you do feel like you’re im­part­ing a lot of spin so the face is work­ing well to cre­ate a soft launch and flight.

The ball launched through the win­dows as you would ex­pect. There’s a lot of tech­nol­ogy in the grooves and face and you can gen­er­ate a lot of spin, al­though this can be in­con­sis­tent on off-cen­tre hits.

The less lofted clubs are sta­ble and move through the turf well on pitch shots, while the more lofted clubs are del­i­cate to chip with and al­low you to be very in­ven­tive around the greens. The MD4 will be a good fit for a wide range of golfers in terms of swing style and abil­ity. The larger pro­file, curved lead­ing, high lev­els of spin and ver­sa­til­ity will in­spire con­fi­dence and im­prove many peo­ple’s short games.


It has a clas­sic Vokey look with a nar­row heel and more grad­ual an­gle from the hosel into the fat of the club­head, and a pretty square lead­ing edge. The CG lo­ca­tion has been op­ti­mised for each loft.

It’s a re­ally well balanced wedge to swing. It de­liv­ers a very firm hit that makes the ball feel lighter off the club­face and there’s plenty of feed­back as the sound and feel does change on off-cen­tre hits.

The launch var­ied more with dif­fer­ent at­tack an­gles of dif­fer­ent play­ers, but it was con­sis­tent for each in­di­vid­ual. It pro­duces a strong flight thanks to those mov­ing the CG higher on lower lofts.

Vokey has done a great job in un­der­stand­ing what is re­quired from each shot and club. The stronger lofts de­liver a mid-tra­jec­tory while launch and spin are good as the ball rolls up the more lofted faces. The SM7 is an ex­cel­lent wedge that will ap­peal to the purist. It per­forms well in ev­ery area and there are a huge num­ber of cus­tomi­sa­tion op­tions avail­able, al­though they aren’t as for­giv­ing as some wedges.

Au­gust 2018

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