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How to make crisper con­tact for bet­ter putts.


I like to get a feel for the green speed by stag­ger­ing three balls at ran­dom mid-to-long dis­tances and putting to one hole. Then I’ll re­peat to an­other hole un­til com­fort­able. You want to make your­self ad­just for each putt so you can dial in the speed.


I put five balls around a hole at four, five, six, seven and eight feet and hit them in ran­dom or­der. I’ll do that at four dif­fer­ent holes (20 putts to­tal) and do it again if I don’t hole at least 15. You want to make it dif­fi­cult and repli­cate on-course pres­sure.


Set two tees ei­ther side of the ball and just wider than your put­ter to work on align­ment and cen­tre strikes. Then set the ball just be­fore two tees that aren’t wide enough for the put­ter so you hit into the tees to work on solid con­tact with that pop feel.

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