Four keys for more ac­cu­rate iron ap­proaches.

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There’s a di­rect cor­re­la­tion be­tween how close you hit the ball to the flag on your ap­proach shots on av­er­age and the over­all scores you shoot. So if you can tighten up your iron play and hit some more ac­cu­rate ap­proach shots then you’re go­ing to find you start mak­ing those lower scores you seek. These are the key ar­eas I fo­cus on in my swing and they can help you, too. 1 Stay con­nected and build ten­sion in a slow back­swing I’m never in a rush and I let the back­swing de­velop. It’s like a spring. You’ve got all day to get the ten­sion in it and it’s still go­ing to un­coil with power, ir­re­spec­tive of how quickly you cre­ate that ten­sion in the back­swing. From here, the left arm stays pinned to the chest and it’s the big mus­cles that turn the club to the top of the back­swing. 2 Start the down­swing from the ground up The tran­si­tion is the key – it’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween a good player and a great player. I tend to let my up­per body slide a lit­tle bit too far ahead of it, which makes me back up through the ball and I get handsy. I’m work­ing on get­ting every­thing mov­ing from the ground up, so the hands are the last thing to be de­liv­ered through im­pact.

3 Hit a fade for more con­trol and softer land­ing shots

To hit a baby fade, I put the ball fur­ther for­ward in my stance, which gives me more time to arc the club to the left. I also have the feel­ing of stay­ing on my right side a bit longer in the down­swing be­cause the more I stay on my right side, the more I’m go­ing to want to exit the club hard to the left.

4 Hold a good fin­ish po­si­tion to trap a good swing

The fin­ish po­si­tion mat­ters. When I have a con­trolled and bal­anced fol­low-through, I’m never go­ing to hit a bad shot. I call it hav­ing good brakes be­cause every­thing is much shorter when I have a good fol­low-through, more punch-like. When I have a bad fol­low-through, it’s much more thrown down the line and out of con­trol.

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