‘A neu­tral grip should give you a straighter flight’


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Your grip is a fun­da­men­tal part of your tech­nique. It’s your only point of con­tact so it nat­u­rally has a mas­sive in­flu­ence on what the club does through the swing and how you de­liver it to the ball. It’s pos­si­ble to be a good player with­out a to­tally neu­tral grip, but I’ve al­ways strived for a neu­tral grip be­cause it makes it much eas­ier to hit the ball ac­cu­rately and con­sis­tently.

Think about where the ‘V’ is point­ing

I like to use the ‘V’ shape formed by my in­dex fin­ger and thumb on each hand as ref­er­ence points. I like to have the ‘V’ point­ing to­wards my right shoul­der at ad­dress to show my grip is neu­tral. A lot of peo­ple talk about how many knuck­les you can see – two is pretty neu­tral.

Try tweak­ing it to fix your flight

If you’re strug­gling with a slice, you can ro­tate your hands a lit­tle to­wards the tar­get so you see more knuck­les. Con­versely, you can ro­tate them a lit­tle away so you see less than two knuck­les if you’re strug­gling with a hook. Be care­ful play­ing around with your grip though.

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