‘Swing within your­self to be­come a bet­ter ball-striker’


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It sounds ob­vi­ous, but you have to hit the ball in the mid­dle of the club­face if you want to be a good striker of the ballº. The big­gest thing with am­a­teurs is that they’re try­ing to hit the ball too hard – and that makes it tough to hit it out of the mid­dle. There’s loft on the club for a rea­son and they’re de­signed to go how­ever far you can hit that loft. Ac­cept your dis­tances and just take more club if you need it to go fur­ther.

Don’t swing hard with irons

A lot of am­a­teurs would rather club down and hit one hard than club up and hit one soft. But with irons it’s all about con­trol. A pro would al­ways rather club down and keep the con­trol. You’re only ever try­ing to hit your irons at 75% and I’d much rather go down to 60% than go up to 90%. The slower you swing it, the eas­ier it is to get the club where you want it. You lose con­trol when you swing it harder.

Al­low for your shape

Play the shot you know comes nat­u­rally rather try­ing to fight it. A lot of the time I see am­a­teurs hit fades and they start it straight at the pin so they miss it right. Al­low for your shape with your start point. If you fade the ball, it’s got to start left.

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