MO­TOR­WAYS OF THE FU­TURE: What you need to know

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Vari­able speed lim­its, hard shoul­der driv­ing and ad­vanced traf­fic warn­ings are just some of the new ways that smart mo­tor­ways are help­ing re­duce traf­fic jams. How­ever, many of us are un­fa­mil­iar with the rules and are fall­ing foul of the new re­stric­tions. ❖ If there is a vari­able speed limit it will be dis­played elec­tron­i­cally above lanes or at the side of the road. Keep an eye out: these are manda­tory, so don’t ig­nore them, or you could be slapped with a speed­ing fine. ❖ You may be able to use the hard shoul­der. Check the elec­tronic board over­head: if there is a red ‘X’ show­ing, then stay out, but if a speed limit is dis­played, you can use it. ❖ All smart mo­tor­ways pro­vide ad­vanced warn­ings of de­lays, so that you can choose to take an al­ter­na­tive route, and to help the emer­gency ser­vices get through. Lanes can be closed if there’s an in­ci­dent – a red ‘X’ in­di­cates a lane is not in use and that you should move out of it as quickly as pos­si­ble.

Are you wise to the lat­est mo­tor­way signs?

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