‘Mum and Dad’s handed­down skills have saved me thou­sands,’

says GH con­sumer direc­tor and par­ent Caro­line Bloor

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‘If I tot­ted up how much money my dad saved me in DIY over the years, it would be thou­sands. To­gether, we not only put up blinds and shelves, but also laid lam­i­nate floor­ing, put up wall­pa­per and even re­paired flat roofs. Now I’m the one con­fi­dently help­ing oth­ers with these tasks. The same can be said for house­hold tasks: my mother wasn’t a bril­liant cook but she did teach me how to make white sauce and gravy, wire a plug and change a tyre.

I asked my stu­dent daugh­ter what skills she’d learnt from me, and braced my­self for the an­swer. She said: “How to as­sem­ble flat-pack fur­ni­ture. That cold wa­ter can get out nearly any stain if you’re quick enough. That, af­ter a week, the bath­room floor might not look dirty but it def­i­nitely is. And tow­els that have been washed a few times won’t run, so you can put them in with any clothes to make up the load.” And what hadn’t I told her about? “How to put salt in the dish­washer, read the me­ters and fix trip­ping electrics, and what to do when the smoke alarm starts beep­ing at 4am.”

But the good news is that thanks to the fam­ily What­sapp group, she can tap into moth­erly ex­per­tise any time she likes!’

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