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Any­one who has gone through can­cer treat­ment knows that eat­ing can be a real chal­lenge. Many have lit­tle ap­petite, and symp­toms such as ex­haus­tion, nau­sea and al­tered sense of taste and smell make eat­ing dif­fi­cult. Al­though there is no mir­a­cle food cure, Sam Man­ner­ing and Karen Mcmil­lan, can­cer sur­vivors and au­thors of Ev­ery­day Strength (Beat­nik) say there are things you can do to get more from what you man­age to eat.


◆ Try small amounts pre­sented on an at­trac­tive side plate; this will be less daunt­ing than big meals.

◆ Eat fre­quently – spread your food and eat­ing times through­out the day.

◆ Choose easy-to-eat foods, like soups and milky pud­dings.

◆ Eat what you like when you like – don’t force your­self to eat some­thing.

◆ Play with dif­fer­ent flavours to stim­u­late your ap­petite – the book con­tains lots of de­li­cious, easy and nu­tri­tious recipes.

Try milky pud­dings and other soft foods

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