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What’s your most em­bar­rass­ing mem­ory?

I of­fered to make the cake for my friend’s party. It looked great and I was very proud. When my friend tried it, I could see her pulling a face. I’d used salt in­stead of su­gar. JEN BROWN

Driv­ing to work, I saw my col­league walk­ing by, so I opened the win­dow and yelled, ‘Get in!’ He got into the car, then I re­alised… it wasn’t my col­league! CLARE HORNE

When I was first mar­ried some­one knocked on my door, looked at me and asked if my mum was at home. HE­LEN FULFORD

On the way to a job in­ter­view, a driver cut me up. I kept beep­ing my horn and shak­ing my fist at them. I got to the in­ter­view only to find them on the panel! WENDY MORRIS

I spent all evening flirt­ing with some­one only to get home and see I had food stuck in my teeth the whole time! HAY­LEY BUTCHER

My chil­dren roll their eyes at me when I mis­lay my glasses, and then put them on up­side down! HE­LEN PRICE

In­stead of send­ing a mes­sage to my friend, I ac­ci­den­tally sent it to the per­son I’d just been on a date with. The text read, ‘That was the most bor­ing and awk­ward evening I’ve ever had.’ Need­less to say, there was no se­cond date. CHAR­LOTTE WAL­TERS

Let’s face it, we all make mis­takes

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