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Horses sweat, men per­spire and ladies merely glow. Here’s what to do when the glow­ing gets tough.

Per­spi­ra­tion stains can be tricky. Rinse sweaty clothes in cold wa­ter straight af­ter use, then wash in the ma­chine as usual. For older stains on wash­able fab­rics, pre-treat with a stain re­mover, such as Van­ish or Deo-go ( Scrub af­fected ar­eas with a nail­brush, then ma­chinewash with a bi­o­log­i­cal deter­gent, adding an in-wash stain re­mover. For dry-clean-only fab­rics, dab with a so­lu­tion of white vine­gar (15ml vine­gar to 250ml warm wa­ter).

For stub­born stains, rub with a so­lu­tion made up of half glyc­er­ine (found in most su­per­mar­kets) and half warm wa­ter, leave for an hour, then wash as above.

Silk and wool are tougher to treat, but with light stain­ing, you may have some suc­cess with the glyc­er­ine mix above.

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