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WIN­NER Waitrose & Part­ners Chilled Cran­berry Sauce £2.19 for 300g A tangy and sweet sauce with plump, juicy deep-red whole cran­ber­ries. It’s jammy, with a Christ­mas spici­ness from cin­na­mon and cloves. The sharp cran­ber­ries burst in the mouth, and their sweet­ness is bal­anced with a hint of cit­rus. SCORE 84/100

RUN­NER-UP Aldi Spe­cially Se­lected Cran­berry & Port Sauce 99p for 230g Glossy, ruby cran­ber­ries in a sticky sauce. It has a good bal­ance of sweet­ness and tart­ness with great depth of flavour, but testers wished for a chunkier con­sis­tency. SCORE 78/100 BEST OF THE REST Asda Ex­tra Spe­cial Cran­berry Sauce with Port £1 for 230g With whole cran­ber­ries, this smooth sauce is sweet and well-bal­anced with a del­i­cate spiced taste from the cin­na­mon. The cran­ber­ries are mouth­puck­er­ingly sharp when you bite into them, so would be good with fat­tier meats. SCORE 77/100


✶ You can also use your cran­berry sauce as a sweet, tangy mari­nade for a smoked gam­mon joint.

✶ Com­bine with sliced, gooey Brie and some crushed wal­nuts for a toasted sand­wich fill­ing.

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