‘There’s so much charm in a hand­writ­ten card’

As a child, Jodi Bick­ley loved send­ing Christ­mas cards to all her friends – and as an adult, she still takes the time to pen per­sonal mes­sages to her loved ones each fes­tive sea­son

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Christ­mas cards were al­ways a sta­ple part of the fes­tive pe­riod in our house. They’d adorn the doors and the walls of our liv­ing room, and as a new one would fall through the let­ter­box, we’d race to find a space to put it up. It was the clos­est our Mum would ever get to let­ting us help with house decor.

Ev­ery year, the Christ­mas post box would be set up in school, and I’d spend evenings mak­ing sure I made each card per­fect, us­ing my foun­tain pen – mak­ing sure I only wrote ‘Love from’ to my best friend Tabasam, who only spoke to me and had a potty mouth (al­though no one be­lieved me be­cause, as far as the whole school knew, she was mute), and Jameel, the love of my life from years four to six. Back then, I’d pick Bang On The Door cards with ‘Have a funky Christ­mas and a groovy new year’ in­side, but as I’ve

got older, I opt for blank in­sides, colour­ful pens, glit­ter, and writ­ing mini es­says in­stead.

Christ­mas cards are more than a swoop­ing so­cial me­dia state­ment of ‘Merry Christ­mas, ev­ery­one!’ There are cer­tain peo­ple in my life I want to sit down and de­vote time to.

Whether it be a friend you haven’t seen for a while, or some­one who’s hav­ing a rough time and needs some ex­tra love, a Christ­mas card is a place to wish them well, not only for the fes­tive pe­riod but for the com­ing year.

The process of step­ping out of the sta­tus up­dates and Face­book likes and writ­ing di­rectly to some­one can make them feel spe­cial and, in turn, makes you feel happy too. I find let­ter writ­ing an act of mind­ful­ness – to sit down and con­cen­trate on

how you feel about an­other hu­man be­ing, away from the noise of the day to day, and just fo­cus on what you’re writ­ing; think­ing about that per­son and send­ing them pos­i­tiv­ity and love for the year ahead,

Re­mem­ber, you’re writ­ing to some­one you love – they won’t worry about whether your hand­writ­ing is per­fect or ev­ery­thing is spelt cor­rectly! There’s so much charm in a hand­writ­ten card. More than any­thing else, it shows you care. It may only take a mo­ment, but it shows you’ve made that ex­tra ef­fort.

Christ­mas is all about mak­ing a dif­fer­ence to our lit­tle cor­ner of the world, and a Christ­mas card is a lovely way to do that. ✴ Write A Let­ter by Jodi Bick­ley (Pen­guin) is out now

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