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◆ Parac­eta­mol and ibupro­fen – for colds, headaches and other peo­ple’s hang­overs (ob­vi­ously I never drink to ex­cess!) ◆ A liquid antacid from the phar­ma­cist – they neu­tralise stom­ach acid for short-lived but rapid re­lief from heart­burn and in­di­ges­tion. ◆ In­di­ges­tion tablets (ran­i­ti­dine, omepra­zole or es­omepra­zole) – also avail­able from the phar­ma­cist, they re­duce stom­ach acid pro­duc­tion so are more ef­fec­tive and long-last­ing than antacids. ◆ Anti-in­flam­ma­tory gel (ibupro­fen or di­clofenac) – they pro­vide sim­i­lar pain re­lief to tablets for strained and aching mus­cles, but don’t cause the same side ef­fects, such as in­di­ges­tion. ◆ Cys­ti­tis re­lief sa­chets – if you’re run­ning around over Christ­mas and don’t drink enough flu­ids, de­hy­dra­tion can make you prone to cys­ti­tis. ◆ Tweez­ers – for splin­ters. (I’ve res­cued holly berries from chil­dren’s nos­trils too, but this re­quires blunt-ended for­ceps). ◆ Cling­film – lay­ered loosely over sig­nif­i­cant burns (never wrapped tightly); it is a clean, non-stick wrap­per while you get med­i­cal help.

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