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It’s time to end the taboo that surrounds vagi­nal dry­ness – and with Vag­isan Moistcream, there’s no need to suf­fer in si­lence

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Times have changed. Now the menopause is no longer taboo we can share our ex­pe­ri­ences, whether pos­i­tive – that sense of free­dom, per­haps – plus the not-so-pos­i­tive, like bad hair days. But there’s still one topic some peo­ple find dif­fi­cult to dis­cuss. If you suf­fer from vagi­nal dry­ness like many other women, you’ll know how un­com­fort­able it can be. But did you know there’s a hor­mone-free, over-the-counter prod­uct to help? Vag­isan Moistcream con­tains sooth­ing lipids that re­lieve the symp­toms of vagi­nal dry­ness – now that’s a change for the bet­ter.


Some­times painful and dis­tress­ing, vagi­nal dry­ness may be trig­gered by oe­stro­gen de­fi­ciency dur­ing the menopause, hor­monal fluc­tu­a­tions af­ter giv­ing birth and tak­ing pro­ges­terone only con­tra­cep­tives. Some med­i­ca­tion – in­clud­ing chemo­ther­apy, an­tide­pres­sants and an­ti­his­tamines – can also trig­ger the burn­ing, itch­ing and painful symp­toms of dry­ness in and around the vagina. Also, as many women know only too well, stress doesn’t help ei­ther. And you don’t have to feel pain dur­ing in­ter­course to suf­fer from vagi­nal dry­ness. Al­most one in two women over 45 years of age have ex­pe­ri­enced vagi­nal dry­ness*, yet it re­mains a del­i­cate sub­ject that’s dif­fi­cult to talk about, even with your GP. The good news? Vag­isan Moistcream de­liv­ers hor­mone-free re­lief – no pre­scrip­tion needed. Its ap­pli­ca­tor makes it easy to use and del­i­cate, in­ti­mate skin quickly feels more com­fort­able. It’s time to end the taboo.

It’s time to end the taboo sur­round­ing vagi­nal dry­ness

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