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Expert Theresa Cheung explains the meaning behind some common dream scenarios


Discoverin­g a hidden room in your house.

‘According to Carl Jung, the house in dreams is a symbol of the ego. The basement is your unconsciou­s, the attic is your soul – every room is an aspect of you. So if you discover a room that you didn’t know was there, this suggests that there’s something about you that you’re not exploring; some hidden potential waiting to be unlocked. Ask yourself what that is.’


‘Water is a symbol of emotion. When someone drowns in a dream, it suggests you’re feeling overwhelme­d by your thoughts and feelings. I also ask people to pay attention to the water – is it cloudy or muddy? Is it clear? Every little symbol like this will give you a sign of where your emotional life is at the moment.’

Meeting a celebrity.

‘Celebrity dream meetings are very common, but the thing to remember here is that it’s not the celebrity you’re meeting, it’s what that celebrity represents to you. For example, if you meet a politician, it’s someone who’s on the public stage, so maybe there’s a part of you that needs to be a little more out there.’

Naked Zoom meetings.

‘Being nude in a dream is about feeling exposed or vulnerable – so it’s no surprise that instead of being naked in public, a lot of us have been dreaming of being naked on Zoom! The reason for this is that “Zooming” is actually a very intimate thing. You can see someone’s home and people are concerned about how they present themselves. This kind of dream highlights your insecuriti­es when it comes to appearance, but it’s also trying to encourage you to stop worrying so much about how you look.’

Being in an out-of-control car.

‘Any mode of transport in a dream, be it a car, train, bus or plane, suggests your journey through life. So if your car is out of control, it means you’re heading off course in some way. Frequently in this dream, it’s someone else who is driving. That’s extremely revealing because it means that person is setting the tone for your life. If you can become lucid in this dream, my advice is that you need to be driving the car. Don’t be a passenger. You choose the direction – both in your dreaming and waking life.’

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