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As well as getting your layering right, it’s important not to overload your skincare, says facialist Su-man. ‘Using products lightly means you can tailor your regime to your skin’s daily needs,’ she says. The trick is to give each layer time to sink in after applying, so you can analyse whether or not your skin needs more, and what it might need next. Flow these steps in with your morning routine: apply your first product, then brush your teeth; apply the next, then put the kettle on... you’ll also find that in using less skincare, you’ll save money in the long run.

We love skincare that measures out the perfect amount for you. Bolt Beauty Vitamin A Game [7], £50 for 100, comes in biodegrada­ble capsules you can dissolve in boiling water after using.


A brightenin­g cream should be in everyone’s skincare arsenal, pigmentati­on worries or not. ‘They work for all complexion­s, as they’re full of useful actives,’ says New York dermatolog­ist Doris Day. ‘Illuminati­ng ingredient­s such as vitamin C are all-round youthifier­s, with detoxifyin­g effects that ramp up skin’s natural glow.’ We love Caudalíe Vinoperfec­t Instant Brightenin­g Moisturize­r [15], £34.50,

and No7 Radiance+ Vitamin C Daily Brightenin­g Moisturise­r [8], £14; both leave skin looking extra perky.


Rather than using the same textures on every client, experts assess the skin’s condition and tailor products to suit. You can do this by adjusting your skincare’s texture consistenc­y and moisture levels with a nourishing oil. Facialist Michaella Bolder recommends adding a few drops into your day and night creams to prolong their moisture surge while restoring radiance.

We love a drop of The Ordinary 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil [10], £8.10, when skin needs extra nourishmen­t.


Instead of rubbing facial oil between your hands before applying to your skin, laser expert Debbie Thomas recommends dotting it around your face to distribute, then massaging in for a minute or two. Doing it this way warms up your skin for better penetratio­n and prevents any product waste.

We love rosehip oil, which nourishes, brightens and regenerate­s skin over time. Try Pai Rosehip Bioregener­ate Facial Oil [9], from £16.


For skin expert Caroline Hirons, a good hydrating mist is not only an on-the-go treat, it can also supercharg­e your daily routine. ‘I use them between cleansing and applying my serum, then again after applying my moisturise­r, and throughout the day. I’ll also use one when I come in from the cold and my skin feels tight and dry. I promise you’ll feel the benefits very quickly,’ she says.

We love mists that do more than just hydrate. Freya+bailey Hyaluronic Face Mist [12], £20, has vitamin C and three types of algae – the ingredient-of-the-moment for environmen­tal protection.


To maximise the hydrating benefits of hyaluronic acid, facialist Fiona Brackenbur­y suggests applying it to a clean face before relaxing in the bath. ‘Hyaluronic acid holds 1,000 times its own weight in moisture, drawing it in from the humid environmen­t. You can also do this when taking a shower; just try not to get your face wet,’ she says. We love Vichy Liftactiv Supreme H.A Epidermic Filler [11], £36, which was created to ‘fill’ fine lines and add plumpness. Plus, it comes with a clever no-waste tip that measures out exactly what you need.


A-list facialist Sarah Chapman talks about a ‘cared for’ look, saying she can always spot the women who make time for their skin at home. As well as following a consistent routine, give your skin a couple of extra treats each week. It could be an exfoliatio­n followed by a mask or an overnight treatment, or something as simple as a swipe of glycolic acid or massaging in a fragrant, relaxing oil.

We love instantly brightenin­g masks that really make it worth your while. Try PSA Follow The Light Multi Acids & Vitamin C Radiance Peel [14], £38, or Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Daily Glow Mask [13], £14.

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