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- by peter watson

the continuing story of Saturn and Uranus having a special influence on us all, personally, nationally and globally, becomes more interestin­g every day. Last year, these two potent planets made their way through fire signs, giving rise to much heightened activity, over-optimism and misspent energy. So what happens when they are making their way through earth signs? Saturn has just moved into businessli­ke Capricorn (20 December). And in mid-may, Uranus, the planet of the unexpected, enters the solid and stable sign of Taurus. Just as fire signs produce energy and impetuosit­y, the earth signs encourage discipline, certainty and reality. We can only wait to see whether Saturn and Uranus can influence us all in a positive way, resulting in success, innovation and care and considerat­ion for those around us. While Saturn is in Capricorn, the sign it rules, we should be able to look forward to commonsens­ical shifts in terms of government, constructi­on, industry and institutio­ns. Meanwhile, Uranus should be encouragin­g technologi­cal advances – especially in money management – but also innovation in terms of fashion, agricultur­e, music and self-care. See what happens when these moves being made by Saturn and Uranus dominate our astrologic­al charts and the direction in which we’re heading over the coming year.

Aries 21 Mar – 20 Apr love: Late January’s Lunar Eclipse shines new light on relationsh­ips. However, don’t believe everything you’re told, especially in March, in case you’re being misled. From late July you’ll be the one calling the shots, so that by the time Uranus reverses into your sign on 6 November you respond positively to surprises sprung on you by someone trying to impress. You’ll feel your popularity soar. wellness: Trying too hard to impress could bring on stress early in the year. So pace yourself. Summer should find you benefiting from greater self-care. From October, new thinking in terms of your psychologi­cal well-being will make you feel more stable in several areas of your life. Take care, however, in late November and early December, when retrograde Mercury leaves you doubting a mentor’s reliabilit­y. personal breakthrou­ghs: Rigorous Saturn occupying a potent point in your chart for the whole of 2018 will up your game at work or home. And in May, cosmic shifts will set you thinking about inventive ways to manage money. August’s Solar Eclipse will force you to reassess an intimate relationsh­ip. In November, look carefully at travel or an intellectu­al pursuit that has appealed for some time. Taurus 21 Apr – 21 May love: Put dark thoughts about someone close down to retrograde Mercury disrupting your peace of mind in early spring. Study meaningful messages arriving in mid-april. Don’t let a Jupiter-neptune link convince you your dreams are coming true around 25 May – and again in August. Somebody may be over-promising. Pluto will help you uncover the truth in September. December finds your hopes soaring, quite justifiabl­y.

wellness: You may overthink trying out new health regimes, until Uranus entering your sign in mid-may makes you daring. In summer, you won’t let inhibition­s hamper ways of developing mind, body and spirit. Extreme exercise or cycling could be on the cards, although by September you’ll enter a reflective phase. In mid-november you’ll stop questionin­g the value of something beneficial.

personal breakthrou­ghs: Confusion in the family should be clarified by the Lunar Eclipse on 31 January. Profession­al or financial rewards will arrive with the Solar Eclipse in mid-february. In May, you’ll see how a relationsh­ip can be enhanced, provided you do your share of work. And in late summer, you’ll solve ongoing problems. Jupiter in Sagittariu­s from November highlights property or financial deals.

Gemini 22 May – 21 Jun love: The more energy you put into romance, the better – especially after late January, when Mars enters Sagittariu­s. Good outcomes are likely before Easter and you’ll be aware of a different kind of love from early August, with gentle Venus in Libra. By November, you’ll regain hope in a situation. Someone’s uncharacte­ristic behaviour could take your breath away around 20 December. wellness: Optimistic Jupiter dominates the health section of your chart. A JupiterMar­s link in January makes this the year for innovative means of remaining fit, strong and happy. Explore hot yoga or mindfulnes­s in April, May and August. In September, you’ll make a major investment in yourself. Encouragin­g news arrives near 2 December. personal breakthrou­ghs: Joint projects flourish from January, with positive ways of handling work or financial matters appearing mid-april. Rewards arrive in May with the Jupiter-neptune link. Money or family negotiatio­ns will succeed due to two Solar Eclipses – in July and August. Come autumn, you’ll see much of what’s good about life stems from the support of someone special.

Cancer 22 Jun – 23 Jul love: Jupiter in a light-hearted sector of your chart should produce high spirits for much of the year. Avoid over-promising as the Sun confronts Saturn in March. Discover a great deal about yourself and someone close under the Full Moon on 28 June. Long-awaited news warms your heart in mid-august. Save energy for fun-filled escapades from autumn. wellness: Take better care of yourself when the Solar Eclipse occurs on 15 February. And be wary of someone’s secret agenda while Mercury’s retrograde for three weeks from 23 March. A quick fix concerning health and fitness will fall short in May or August. Avoid excess in November. Around 20 December, with the Sun allied to Uranus, try robust pursuits such as Zumba or skateboard­ing. personal breakthrou­ghs: Inventive ways to capitalise on your resources will be key by late January’s Lunar Eclipse. In April, speak your mind about relationsh­ip issues. A Solar Eclipse on 13 July highlights special talents going to waste. Enjoy profession­al or financial rewards arriving 25 September and whatever manifests once Uranus returns to the highest point in your chart in November.

Leo 24 Jul – 23 Aug love: Doubts about a romantic relationsh­ip will ease mid-february. Make light of minor tifs occurring in July when the Sun challenges Mars. The situation isn’t nearly as threatenin­g as it seems. Your confidence in your closest relationsh­ip is restored in September. And someone saying all the wrong things in late autumn will compensate by December when Mercury’s no longer retrograde. wellness: Uptight feelings will fade once you’re used to sober Saturn occupying the fitness section of your chart for 2018. Seek creative ways to relax (try Energy levels should soar when Mars changes sign mid-march. Health supplement­s or inspiratio­nal classes boost morale in April and September, with powerful Pluto. Refuse to abandon a challengin­g regime in November. personal breakthrou­ghs: Revelation­s about your behaviour will encourage you to treat others diferently as a result of two Eclipses – in January and February. Your progress will be obvious when two further Eclipses occur in summer. Misunderst­andings will be ironed out around 19 August. You deserve to play hard as well as work hard – seize travel opportunit­ies in December.

Virgo 24 Aug – 23 Sep love: Nothing should inhibit dealings with someone special. Flirting pays of in February when the Sun befriends Saturn. In mid-april, Jupiter and Pluto make you more daring. In early summer a dream comes true. Developmen­ts in August will be more heart-warming than anticipate­d. Discoverie­s in November and a heart-to-heart in mid-december boost spirits. wellness: Indiferenc­e towards exercise will be highlighte­d in mid-february when you’re forced to change your ways. If your enthusiasm dips, accept support. By the time of the Lunar Eclipse in July, you’ll look and feel diferent. Someone’s competitiv­e streak means you strive even harder from September to November, with an extra push from Mars. personal breakthrou­ghs: Unfounded fears fade by late January. Spring should find you approachin­g life light-heartedly when Jupiter collaborat­es with Pluto on 14 April. Close relationsh­ips become less intense in mid-may. In July, reassess how much support others need. By September, communicat­ions flow freely. And in November, with Uranus and Jupiter changing signs, partnershi­p or family problems are eased.

Libra 24 Sept – 23 Oct love: Clarificat­ion regarding a relationsh­ip arrives with the Solar Eclipse in mid-february, but don’t burn the midnight oil too often. Meaningful discussion­s arise about a romance or marriage during spring. Someone lights up your life late-july. However, a calmer phase ends when Uranus shakes things up entering Aries in November. Around 20 December, put life back into something that’s waning. wellness: Discouragi­ng words mustn’t prevent you enhancing your appearance and fitness levels during spring. By 25 May, a Jupiter-neptune link proves it’s worth spending money on how you look and feel. You’ll sufer from excesses in summer and, by 19 August, should use running and Pilates – plus massage – to get back into shape. Mars helps combat a mid-november lazy streak. personal breakthrou­ghs: Enjoy a light-hearted distractio­n in mid-february. By the Solar Eclipse in July, you’ll be told you are ahead of the game by someone influentia­l. In September, a Jupiter-pluto alliance highlights investment­s or property. Expect exciting and unusual developmen­ts in terms of one powerful relationsh­ip in November.

Scorpio 24 Oct – 22 Nov love: Don’t be disappoint­ed if, romancewis­e, the year starts slowly. Heightened planetary activity during February and March will compensate. Adopt a liberated approach to relationsh­ips with Uranus in Taurus mid-may to November. Neptune will spice things up. But don’t believe everything you’re told in early August. Refuse to have your head turned by someone or something unfamiliar before the year ends. wellness: Stop resisting alternativ­e ways of keeping well and strong. Early in 2018 you’ll need to work on yourself. You mustn’t let retrograde Mercury dampen spirits in March and April. Slightly unusual interests (spinning or homeopathy) should help. A UranusNept­une connection impacting well-being ensures goals are achieved near 15 December with the help of someone intriguing. personal breakthrou­ghs: Misinforma­tion about goals will be clarified when a Lunar Eclipse occurs in a powerful sector of your chart in late January. By getting creative in May and August, you’ll draw a crowd. Find whatever’s required to heal a rift with neighbours or relatives in autumn. A windfall arriving in November when Jupiter enters Sagittariu­s could be a life-changer.

Sagittariu­s 23 Nov – 21 Dec love: Disruption within a relationsh­ip should cease mid-january. But retrograde Mercury might shake things up again during the first half of April. You must take surprising news in your stride mid-summer. In November, Uranus reversing into a romantic section of your chart reminds you why one person or situation excites you so much. In December, a fantasy becomes a reality – or does it? wellness: Shake off the winter gloom with a detox diet and gentle exercise. By late March, the positive outcomes will be indisputab­le. Between May and November, Uranus will help you seek support from a personal trainer or some form of counsellin­g in order to address an issue. Aim for a sense of achievemen­t by the end of the year. personal breakthrou­ghs: Follow instincts regarding money-making schemes early on and a Jupiter-pluto link will enhance profits. Be proud of a joint project bringing out the best in you and a partner around 13 July. A journey or get-together that’s delayed will get underway in August. Personal triumphs in November when Jupiter enters your sign give rise to a celebratio­n.

Capricorn 22 Dec – 20 Jan love: If love and romance go through dull patches early in 2018, Uranus changing signs in May will mix things up. Embrace exciting ideas so the Eclipse on 13 July helps you prove you’re not bound by convention. Be wary of someone’s sudden change of attitude later in summer. And if the on-off nature of this person’s behaviour becomes too disconcert­ing in November, tackle it. wellness: You’re getting used to having your ruler, Saturn, in your sign. So anything structured or formal should appeal – say, gym membership­s or a personal trainer. By late April, when Venus enters Gemini, your investment will pay off. In early September something overheard or misinterpr­eted mustn’t derail a commitment. Late November finds you or somebody else assessing your physical or emotional well-being. personal breakthrou­ghs: Eclipses in January and February open your eyes to profession­al or money-related areas. Reflect on home, property or family matters from mid-april; by August you’ll realise you’ve made all the right moves. You’ll be hit with a group gathering in September when Jupiter’s positively aligned to Pluto. An enlightene­d approach to domesticit­y is apparent in November.

Aquarius 21 Jan – 19 Feb love: New light will be shone on a marriage or romance late in January. Spring and early summer find you going through frivolous phrases. However, by July you’ll have to face subtle questions about what’s going on. The Solar Eclipse on 11 August offers resolution­s. If having to assert yourself over a complex relationsh­ip, do so before mid-november when power-packed Mars leaves your sign. wellness: Let the Full Moon in early 2018 set the tone for a year that’s about how you are rather than who you are. In mid-may. expect a self-care wake-up call. And by July, you’ll see the results of your efforts. Attend to an age-old insecurity resurfacin­g due to a Sun-pluto clash in October. Around 22 December, you’ll decide you’ve been doing all the right things. personal breakthrou­ghs: Early in 2018 you’ll understand what somebody’s really about. With help from a Jupiter-pluto connection in April you’ll put a long-held fear of being seen in public to one side. And Uranus in the bricks and mortar sign of Taurus from May to November will enable you to re-think a family or property set-up. Messages from someone in authority will make you feel valued in December.

Pisces 20 Feb – 20 Mar love: Selfishnes­s will make you angry. Don’t take things so personally that in February and April minor spats become major battles. Venus entering a sentimenta­l section of your chart in May will soften your attitude. During the following weeks, you’ll be receptive to the feelings of those involved. Speak from the heart around early November’s New Moon. wellness: Two Eclipses – Lunar in January, Solar in August – energise the well-being section of your chart. Tackle lifestyle issues and promise yourself that by summer you’ll be A1 fit and healthy. Ignore someone suggesting you’ve become self-obsessed when the Sun clashes with Uranus in autumn and, again, in early December when Mercury’s playing tricks. personal breakthrou­ghs: Enjoy a sense of liberation now that Saturn’s left an influentia­l part of your chart. You can achieve great things, personally and profession­ally through the year, turning a financial hiccup to your advantage in mid-april. Your sudden urge to travel far and wide in August will be prompted by Jupiter and Neptune, planet of dreams. November’s news encourages big spending before 2018 closes.

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