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i’ve al­ways been drawn to the smell of roses. As a child, I would pick fresh petals and crush them into wa­ter to make my own ‘per­fume’. I’m not quite sure if that’s how it’s sup­posed to work but I’d lash that home­made po­tion on like I was a boss. I even con­sid­ered sell­ing it. Now, as an adult, rose is still my jam! I use it when­ever I can in what­ever form; mois­turis­ers, fa­cial sprays, oils, dried petals for cook­ing. The scent, the flavour – it’s all so fa­mil­iar and com­fort­ing.

When my hus­band and I got mar­ried in a lit­tle for­est dur­ing the sum­mer, I wanted to pick a spe­cial scent; it is so closely linked to mem­ory and we wanted a smell that would not only re­mind us of our spe­cial day, but also our close friends. I wore the Jo Malone Red Roses fra­grance and we clev­erly placed dif­fusers and burned can­dles of the same scent, so it was sub­tle but recog­nis­able. I think maybe sub­con­sciously I chose rose be­cause it re­minds me of be­ing a kid and get­ting mar­ried at that time was the most ‘grownup’ thing I’d done. Maybe if it smelt like I was 10 again, I could chill out!

I still wear the scent to this day. Sure, it’s more sea­sonal, but if I need a lit­tle lift I’ll whack it on and I’m in­stantly trans­ported back to the beau­ti­ful, sunny af­ter­noon un­der a canopy of trees when I mar­ried my hus­band and shared the most mag­i­cal day with my fam­ily and friends. From £45, jo­ma­

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