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A den­tist wouldn’t ex­pect you to have a fill­ing with­out pain re­lief, but women are ap­plauded for hav­ing a baby with­out any ( Grazia View, 3 Sept). Can’t wait to see the tweet about Harry Kane’s next foot­ball in­jury be­ing treated with­out pain re­lief ! Ex­actly, like that would ever hap­pen. Praise to Grazia for re­mind­ing us that a healthy mother and baby is the goal, re­gard­less of choices. Emma

Well done @Grazi­auk for high­light­ing such an im­por­tant is­sue. Why are women con­sid­ered wimps for opt­ing for pain re­lief or bet­ter moth­ers for hav­ing a nat­u­ral birth? Labour is hard no mat­ter which way you do it, and the im­por­tant thing is to have a safe birth and healthy child. @ hedge­hog­prints

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