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The art of negotiatin­g a pay rise over Zoom


By Michael Brown, author of I Don’t Agree (£14.99, Harriman House)

First, think of all the reasons why your boss might turn down your request. Has the pandemic affected revenue? Have you achieved your performanc­e objectives? Give some thought to how you might counter these arguments. Create a business case for why you deserve your pay rise. Mentally switch positions and perspectiv­e with your boss. Your attempt to understand her/ his job will help you achieve a less adversaria­l mindset before you enter the negotiatio­n. It can also help to identify and recruit an ally who will be supportive of your cause. Don’t necessaril­y go straight to your boss/ line manager. Test your case with someone you know to have some influence inside the organisati­on.

Once you’ve done the prep, now you’ve got to get on Zoom. I bulletpoin­t the main thrusts of my argument, print them out in big font and attach them to the wall above my monitor. This way, when you look up at them, the viewer on the other screen thinks you are looking directly into the webcam. Meanwhile, the slight upwards tilt to the head creates the impression you are creatively thinking about your point of view.

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