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Concerns over public safety


PORT Glasgow activists are worried about public safety due to cuts.

Members of Port West Community Council are concerned about police numbers, and the community warden service being under threat by the council.

Secretary Tommy Rodger said: “We met with the community police inspector and sergeant four months ago and were informed that due to a number of factors, including a reduction in the number of police officers, our community police were now effective the ‘beat police’.

“We also noted that in the news a senior officer raised concerns over further Scottish Government cuts to the police service.

“These cuts could mean further reduced police numbers and possibly the closing down of the 101 call centre.

“Port Glasgow lost its police office a few years ago and a reduction in police numbers, the possible closure of the 101 call centre and possible closure of the warden service will all impact greatly on community safety here and in Inverclyde as a whole.”

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