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After telling Victoria the truth about the speeding ticket, David agrees to repeat his confession to the police – but it’s all too little, too late for his furious girlfriend, who moves her stuff out of his house and announces it’s over between them.

David later breaks down in front of Bear, who offers him some words of advice. However, when Leyla and Pollard find David decking out the shop for Christmas, they worry that he’s heading for more debt.

A row with Rhona over the deal to buy Jamie out of the surgery helps to make Vanessa’s mind up about accepting the job in Canada – and when she then wrongly accuses Suzy of being back on drugs, it seems like she’ll be emigrating without her girlfriend.

Chas panics when Matty tries to get to the bottom of Al’s shooting, but Cain thinks he’s done enough to throw his stepson off the scent. Unfortunat­ely for him though, Matty quickly deduces he’s lying. Bernice struggles to control her emotions, leading her to fear she has dementia, but when Laurel suggests it’s more likely to be the menopause, she goes into denial.

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