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Chris Hemsworth has said his latest project helped him to slow down and live in the moment after feeling like being on “a treadmill for years and moments just flying by”.

The Thor actor, 39, embarks on a mission to discover how to live better for longer in new series Limitless With Chris Hemsworth.

Speaking about what he learnt about himself during the creation of the new National Geographic show launching on Disney+, Hemsworth said: “This is a dream scenario for me, the freedom, the creative choices I’m able to have and make the films I’m able to make, and travel and so on is a dream.

“And what got me there was a real urgency and a very front-footed, attack-mode approach to things.

“And then it’s about finding the balance now, of going, you’ve arrived at so many places that were distant dreams and now am I going to appreciate these moments or am I very quickly going to have something else ahead of me that I’m actually going to miss what’s right in front of me. In the last episode, I touched on that a bit, about feeling like I had been on a treadmill for years and moments were just flying by.”

During the series, Hemsworth undertakes various extraordin­ary journeys and extreme challenges in an attempt to understand the limits of the human body. The episodes see him meet with a death doula, walk out on a platform from the top of a skyscraper and face the most stressful test for New South Wales Fire and Rescue academy recruits.

Hemsworth continued: “I was asked by the death doula, ‘What would make a good death? What would your death look like? Who would you have around in those last moments?’ and I realised, it’s everything I have now.

“It’s every Sunday afternoon when we’re having friends and family over, and we’re together. What we have right in front of us, in this moment now, is the most important thing.

Limitless With Chris Hemsworth is available now on Disney+.

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