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Janine is annoyed when Mick pleads Linda’s case with the probation officer, so she tries to ensure his attention is once again focused on her by giving him some upsetting news.

Shirley is convinced she’s lying, while Sonia is so concerned about Janine’s growing paranoia that she makes a mysterious phone call.

Sadly, Janine is later given more reason to be suspicious when Mick takes her to Walford East for a meal – which just so happens to be where Linda is having a date. Sonia tries to reassure her, but she soon has her own problems to deal with when she receives the devastatin­g news that Dot has died.

Kat comes home to find that Alfie moved in during her absence, and managed to lose £30,000 of Phil’s money. She pressures him to replace it, but can he get back in her good books by helping with Tommy’s school fundraiser?

Meanwhile, Rocky, Mitch, Bobby and Freddie stage an interventi­on when they discover Harvey has been sending Sophia money, and Stacey wonders what Eve is up to when she arranges a lunch date with Nish and Suki.

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