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Harvey offers Nick the money he and Leanne need to buy Debbie’s share of the bistro.

Nick initially turns it down, until it becomes clear the couple have been conned – as it turns out the building is in desperate need of urgent repairs.

He then lies about where the cash is coming from, claiming it’s a temporary loan from Sam’s inheritanc­e, but keeping the truth from his other half may eventually be the least of his worries.

Stephen is also struggling to make ends meet.

With Gabrielle breathing down his neck, he lands a job as a delivery driver before launching a devious new scheme that could endanger Audrey’s life.

Michael is thrilled when Sarah, impressed by his designs, offers him a partnershi­p

Elsewhere, Summer suffers a miscarriag­e, but tries to keep the news from Mike and Esther, Ken struggles to choose between Wendy and Martha, and Sean fears he’s pushed Laurence away.

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