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He may be a Hollyoaks institutio­n and the longestser­ving resident, but Tony fears he’s heading for a major backlash when it turns out that, due to a mix-up with the sculptor, the village’s new statue is a likeness of him – especially as an article in the local paper has just branded him sleazy and self-serving.

As Zara works on damage control, Diane and Tony wonder whether Beau has been talking to the press. Tony even asks for a paternity test, but will he change his mind when Beau comes up with a plan to deal with the statue?

Nadira is excited to take her girlfriend out for a lunch with her father, but Juliet is feeling ill and heads to the hospital instead.

Sparks fly as Peri carries out her tests, but romance could be the last thing on Juliet’s mind when Misbah reveals she needs a biopsy.

Nancy plans to privately tell Sally that Olivia isn’t a qualified teacher, but when her rival bad mouths Charlie in an assembly, she decides to make a very public announceme­nt instead.

Damon proposes to Liberty, and Goldie and Mercedes make a disturbing discovery.

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