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BIRKMYRE Explorers have a tasty night: Profession­al chef and Paisley Cub Leader Frank Donnelly led Birkmyre Explorers through the chef badge.

They learned about food preparatio­n and hygiene and then got the chance to make the following meal. Starter: Italian bruschetta Main: Chicken in creamy red pesto sauce with new potatoes

Dessert: Pancakes with mixed berry compote

As much fun was had eating the food as making it!

The other half of the Explorer group were treated to a top class first aid session from former West Region chair Jim Duffy.

Jim is a dedicated Scouting first aider and was able to tell about his incident in the Malaysia rainforest in 2019 for which he won the prestigiou­s medal for meritoriou­s conduct in 2020 for saving another leader’s life on a Scout adventure.

Thanks a lot: This week the 70th Beavers learned about the American holiday of Thanksgivi­ng.

They learned the Thanksgivi­ng story then had a turkey relay race.

The group sat down and ate their meal together before investing their newest Beaver.

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