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There is no respect for anything these days

Following our story about the vandal attack on the “Hammy The Haddock” recycling sculpture on Cleethorpe­s seafront, you had your say on our Facebook page...

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Martin Hewitt: It’s because there is hardly any respect taught nowadays. No respect for the law, ourselves or each other. I would certainly think it’s a generation thing.

Sharon Clark: I was down there last weekend, first time I’ve seen it. It looked disgusting, filled with people’s discarded chip wrappers, the left-over contents all spilling out everywhere. Waste of time having it if people are just going to use it as a bin.

Fleur Browne: They have no respect for anybody else’s things. Wonder what they’d do if it was something that they were fond of? Nothing and no one has any respect or value any more. Sad, sad world. Wendy S Taylor: They walk among us with their sense of entitlemen­t. No consequenc­es for any actions.

No deterrents at all. I wonder what previous generation­s would make of society today.

David Mcgregor: Everyone is blaming kids. But whose kids are they? They are our kids and grandkids. If you haven’t bothered to teach them any kind of respect this will never stop.

Jane Smith: I’m sorry to have to say this but why did it take them so long? I honestly thought it would have been spoiled before now. Rachel Coo: Some adults are instantly blaming and slandering the younger generation, when in fact nowhere in the article does it say who did it and what age group they were. And you all act as if there hasn’t always been reckless, bad, rough people in every single generation throughout history. Don’t tell me that when you were a teenager you or people you knew didn’t do things you shouldn’t. There are plenty of adult yobs out there who do and say things like this too, and surely it’s much more shameful when it’s adults rather than developing teenagers. But no it’s always teenagers who get the blame.

Kalvin Exley: It’s not getting used in the right way. Every time I’ve walked past it’s been full of coffee cups and chip papers!

Ally Kirwin: Fetch back discipline. Steven Smith: Because they had no discipline in their upbringing thanks to do-gooders, so hold do-gooders responsibl­e.

Robin White: If it’s not nailed down it will disappear.

Chris Danford: Why am I not surprised? I’m surprised it’s took this long.

David Daly: Too few police, parents who don’t care and a justice system more worried about name calling than real crime.

Kerry McGuire: It upsets me that people think it’s OK to go around destroying things.

Patrick Shultz: Why invest money in the town when everything just gets vandalised? I am surprised it never happened sooner. The town is full of idiots and yobs.

Allen Holmes: Because they know that the law doesn’t do anything nowadays, everyone is more bothered about Covid.

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 ??  ?? The vandalised ‘Hammy The Haddock’ sculpture on Cleethorpe­s seafront.
The vandalised ‘Hammy The Haddock’ sculpture on Cleethorpe­s seafront.

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