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Wallflower­s are the first sign that spring is in full swing. Usually sold in pots, they’re available around now, just coming into flower, to use as instant spring bedding.

Wallflower­s team perfectly with spring bulbs such as daffodils, but my favourite combinatio­n is wallflower­s and tulips.

Just one tubful is all it takes to instantly transform your patio or front doorstep.

If you’re buying pot-grown wallflower­s, give the pots a thorough soak if the compost is dry. Then tip the plants carefully out and plant them in a wide tub, with a sprinkling of potted tulips with buds that are still fairly tight.

Then enjoy the show – it should last six weeks or so. Also look out for perennial wallflower­s that are close relatives, flowering on and off from now until October. Specialist nurseries stock several but the one you’re most likely to find is Erysimum ‘Bowles’s Mauve’. Grow in a sunny spot with reasonably well-drained soil.

 ??  ?? Wallflower­s pair well with tulips,
inset above
Wallflower­s pair well with tulips, inset above
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