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1. Who was the female jockey who won this year’s Grand National?

2. What is the name of JK Rowling’s new children’s book coming out later this year?

3. The Duke of Edinburgh’s title will eventually pass on to which of his sons? 4. American actor Hank Azaria has apologised for voicing which longrunnin­g character on The Simpsons?

5. Which brothers co-created, wrote and star in Channel 4’s new comedy Frank Of Ireland?

6. Which actor is only the second person to win a hat-trick of best actor Baftas?

7. Three outdoor pavilions have been specially designed for what famous internatio­nal festival this summer?

8. Which British music legend has revealed a surprise new track featuring a collaborat­ion with Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl?

9. What Caribbean island has been experienci­ng volcanic eruptions?

10. Which British soccer star is to mentor young footballer­s in Disney+ series Save Our Squad?

11. In what year was the London Marathon first held?

12. Who is the Fleabag star joining the cast of the new Indiana Jones movie?

13. Futuristic artwork celebrates what books on the new Royal Mail stamps?

14. Which country won the most gold medals at the first Olympics in 1896?

15. What raunchy Netflix period drama has confirmed it will be returning for a third and fourth series?

16. What caused the NHS vaccine website to crash this week? 17. Which former Doctor Who actor has just turned 70?

18. How many teams will take part in the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022?

19. Which Channel 4 cooking show has announced a new series which will be filmed in a Covid-secure environmen­t rather than contestant­s’ own homes? 20. In which year did Lewis Hamilton win his first Formula One world crown?

21. Politician Shirley Williams, the late Baroness Williams of Crosby, was first elected MP for which constituen­cy?

22. Which English golfer recorded a hole-in-one in the opening round of the 2021 Masters?

23. Which pharmaceut­ical giant has delayed the rollout of its Covid-19 vaccine in Europe amid a probe into reports of rare blood clots in the US? 24. What comedy star has called on the nation to get “socially fit” again after months of lockdowns by making time to chat with neighbours?

25. Which supermarke­t is to completely remove plastic carrier bags from its stores?

26. A new species of which marine creature has been named Parpal Dumplin on the suggestion of a schoolgirl from Norfolk?

27. Which climate activist has said the Cop26 climate conference in Glasgow this year should perhaps be postponed? 28. How many people took part in the RSPB annual birdwatchi­ng survey during lockdown earlier this year?

29. Who are the Scottish indie rockers who have scored a number one hit with their debut album WL?

30. Which three types of court are used at tennis grand slams?

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