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I’m not impressed by Tories’ ‘achievemen­ts’

- Grahame Williams New Waltham

AHEAD of the local elections, I want to talk about a leaflet I’ve received from the Conservati­ve party in Humberston and New Waltham in which the prospectiv­e candidate, along with the two current ward councillor­s, call out some of their achievemen­ts.

On new developmen­ts: As well as seeing lots of new builds happening on greenfield land, across the ward we are witnessing lots of backyard developmen­ts, most of which are already being connected to an already overstretc­hed sewer system.

The planning committee seem to grant planning permission at the drop of a hat (and why wouldn’t they when each Band D property gives them another £2,000+ yearly in council tax).

On the new road layout: Great pleasure is taken over their involvemen­t in getting the minirounda­bout removed in Humberston Avenue, but this now gives the boy racers an uninterrup­ted mile-long straight to tear down.

On tackling litter: They state the area has great litter picking schemes sponsored by the parish councils. This is the duty of the primary authority (NELC), we pay for this in our council tax.

With the parish councils providing this service we are paying twice – once to NELC and again via the parish precept.

Will I vote in May? I will take some convincing at the moment.

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