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Rishi is excited about his birthday and Manpreet is taken aback when a nervous Ethan asks her to go with him to see his mum. However, he’s disappoint­ed when his mum doesn’t turn up. Meanwhile, Nate is guilty when Tracy gives David the family photo shoot voucher, explaining she doesn’t want to go on her own.

Nate, pictured above, insists he’ll get his work done quickly so they can go as a family. Elsewhere, Vinny feels guilty about moving back in with Liv.


Whitney and Kush have made a big decision, which sets a plan in motion. Will it be a happily ever after for these two?

Meanwhile, Martin assures Ruby that Kush is doing the right thing by taking Arthur with him to Dubai. Elsewhere, Sonia orders Greg out, and after threatenin­g to call Bianca, Tiffany and Dotty come clean about overchargi­ng punters. Dotty tries to tell Sonia that Tiff has moved in and Sonia drops a bombshell.

CORONATION STREET ITV, 7.30pm & 8.30pm

Craig confides in Kirk that he’s going to resign from the police force as his relationsh­ip with Faye is more important. But what will Faye say when she finds out about his decision? Meanwhile, Emma spots Lucas flirting with Alina outside the salon and tells her to go for it, causing trouble later on for Tyrone. Elsewhere, Seb tries out a goth look. And it’s a waiting game for Peter, pictured, who is on the organ transplant list.

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