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What about Freddie Frinton plaque?


SO more mindless vandalism in Cleethorpe­s, this time the plaque off the “Hammy the Haddock” sculpture.

Is nothing sacred anymore? Some people are trying to do some good in the town only for their efforts to be thrown back in their faces, but at least Blackrow Engineerin­g are going to have a look at it. Hats off to them. Which brings me to the missing blue plaque of Cleethorpe­s’ own Freddie Frinton, which went missing from Cleethorpe­s’ Dolphin Gardens a few months ago.

Alas there hasn’t been a mention of it.

It would be great to see it replaced and located in a more secure position, out of reach from sticky fingers.

David Jagger Coniston Crescent,


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