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People often rush to blame young generation

- Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

IWAS pleased to read the comments by Rachel Coo about the vandalism of the “Hammy the Haddock” recycling sculpture in Cleethorpe­s (April 17). For yes, it is true that we of so called mature years often rush to blame youngsters for any public misdemeano­rs.

After all as Ms Coo rightly says, nowhere did your original article say who the age group responsibl­e were. And people who may well be lawabiding citizens today might not have been well-behaved during their misspent youth.

I’m reminded of when rock and roll first came to Britain, and lovers of this new music ripped up cinema seats in order to be able to dance. Then there were the seaside scuffles on bank holiday Mondays, when Mods and Rockers laid into one another.

Closer to home we had our own skinheads that hung out in Blundell Park’s Pontoon Stand.

Were they genuine hoodlums, or simply youths letting off a bit of steam after a mundane working week in an office or factory?

Then, of course, we have our political lords and masters’ membership of the hedonistic

Bullingdon Club at Oxford, its two most infamous recruits being ex-Prime Minister Cameron and the current occupant of No 10 Downing Street.

That’s not forgetting the antics of a young Prince Harry including dressing up in a Nazi uniform. The more I think about the matter, the more I recall the words of Jesus concerning the woman taken in adultery. Namely “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

Tim Mickleburg­h,

 ??  ?? Vandals have ripped off the ‘Hammy the Haddock’ plaque.
Vandals have ripped off the ‘Hammy the Haddock’ plaque.

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