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March 21–April 20

You’re growing tired of listening to a friend or colleague’s fanciful ideas. Their impractica­l approach to a job you are doing together is starting to get you down. If they make the same suggestion­s over and over you may have to set them straight with some cold hard facts.


April 21-May 21

Before getting involved in anything new, it makes sense to test the water. An unusual propositio­n will get your interest but you need to find out more before making a leap. Leaping without looking could prove to be a costly mistake. Continue to take a cautious approach.


May 22-June 21

You’re waiting for a partner to make up their mind about a decision that could change both your lives. You don’t know where you stand and it might seem like they hold all the power. While they’re thinking about what they want to do you should use this time to consider how you feel too.


June 22-July 23

Very soon you will be on your way to success. Once you take the first step towards realising a special goal, your confidence will grow. If you need any additional help or training you might find this from a talented teacher. Trust in yourself and trust in your ability to make your dreams come true.


July 24-Aug 23

You have many talents which means you can look at a few different industries when seeking employment. You’re looking to find a more lucrative career path that will give you more money to play with. Update your CV and be sure to emphasise your communicat­ion skills in interviews.


Aug 24-Sept 23

You aren’t being deviously secretive by not revealing all your ideas. When the time is right you will let other people know what you are planning. All you are trying to do is make certain a known rival doesn’t get to know what you are thinking because you sense they will try to block your progress.


Sept 24–Oct 23 You need time to consider how you feel about an important matter before making up your mind about what you are going to do. You don’t have to decide on this immediatel­y. If someone is pushing you for an answer, it could be that they may not have your best interests in mind.


Oct 24-Nov22

Have a word with senior colleagues or those on a higher rung of the same career ladder if there is a work-related issue on your mind. Your concern may relate to an area where there isn’t a huge problem but you sense there could be if everyone keeps ignoring what is going on.


Nov 23-Dec 21 Best results continue to be achieved through working in tandem. A temporary arrangemen­t with a friend could lead to a permanent partnershi­p. Combining your talents will spark an idea that could be profitable. A relationsh­ip clash within the home should be handled with tact.


Dec 22-Jan 20 A new colleague or neighbour is finding it hard to fit in. You haven’t had a lot of chance to socialise in recent months and you will understand why they feel this way. Don’t forget to smile whenever you pass them by and when you eventually find yourself in their company.


Jan 21-Feb 19

The impulse to share time with your friends and neighbours is always there but it won’t be possible to please everyone. Someone you have been helping out recently is expecting you to do them yet another favour. You’re starting to feel annoyed by their lack of considerat­ion.


Feb 20-Mar 20

Big problems that have cropped up need clever thinking and creative solutions. You are in your element when faced with an exciting challenge. Unless you find a focus for your physical and mental energy a need for something different could lure you into extra indulgence­s.

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