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Our marvellous Meggies more than holds its own

- Tim Mickleburg­h, Boulevard Avenue, Grimsby.

THROUGH my involvemen­t with the National Piers Society over the past 40 plus years, I must have visited the majority of our UK seaside resorts. So really I am in a good position to record how our own local resort of Cleethorpe­s compares with its counterpar­ts on the coastlines of Britain. And I’m pleased to say that on so-called Freedom Monday, my first trip to my seaside neighbour this year, Cleethorpe­s was certainly holding its own.

That’s not a case of inverse Northern snobbery, rather the reality that unlike some more celebrated resorts down South, it has a proper beach with sand instead of pebbles. Or should that be at least two beaches, that beginning at the Leisure Centre and going eastwards being a delight for lovers of natural beauty? It’s even officially designated as a special scientific interest site.

The extensive sands meant that though people were taking advantage of the great outdoors, they were still able to keep socially distanced, an impossibil­ity on many smaller beaches elsewhere.

Though cafes remained closed for indoor trade, those operating a takeaway service seemed to be doing good business, including those offering traditiona­l al fresco fare such as donuts and hot dogs.

But what of attraction­s and facilities? Well the library was open, along with various crazy golf courses and a putting green. The road train was hauling passengers along the prom, while steam lovers were able to enjoy a ride on the Cleethorpe­s Coast Light Railway. Shops saw a steady stream of customers, with traders glad to be open for business once again. Last but by no means least you were able to walk along our stubby pier, knowing that there’s no similar structure between here and Saltburn in Yorkshire. You could even treat yourself to fish and chips from Papa’s if you so wished!

So let’s extol the virtues of Cleethorpe­s, and hope for a successful Covid-free season.

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