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People’s Postcode Lottery FAQs


What prizes can I win with People’s


Postcode Lottery?

A Every single day in the May draws, players in one

lucky postcode will win £30,000 for every ticket they play with. Not only that, but 20 other postcodes will also win £1,000 every day – and in our biggest prize, an incredible £3.1 million will be shared by players in a single postcode area. In the May draws, £14.2 million in cash prizes will be won!


How do I know if I’ve won?

Players are notified by email, SMS, letter


or phone call, depending on the amount won. If you win, there’s no need to claim – your prize cash will be transferre­d into your verified bank account.

Do I have to share my winnings with


my neighbours?

A In the May draws, the £3.1 million prize will be

the only one that’s shared. For all other prizes, it doesn’t matter how many of your neighbours play, you all win exactly the same amount.




What if I want to stop playing?

You can cancel your subscripti­on at any time, either with your bank or with us.

How much of my ticket price goes to charity?

A minimum of 32 per cent from each ticket sold goes directly to good causes.

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