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Offshore wind cable contract win for Marine firm on Triton Knoll



ASECOND major contract has been secured by a James Fisher and Sons firm on the Humber region’s latest offshore wind farm. EDS HV Group, part of the maritime giant, has been awarded the critical cable terminatio­n and testing contract for Triton Knoll. It follows site preparatio­n work including the removal of unexploded bombs in the near North Sea in the run-up to constructi­on. Fisher has a significan­t presence in Grimsby, from where constructi­on is being co-ordinated, with operations and maintenanc­e to follow in the world-leading cluster. EDS HV Group, based on Port of Grimsby East, offers high voltage engineerin­g solutions to the renewables industry, from conceptual design, through to installati­on and operations and maintenanc­e. The contract with RWE involves the installati­on and terminatio­n of high voltage cables between the offshore foundation­s and the turbine switchgear, with pre-testing, mock-up trials and cable preparatio­n having already been undertaken in late 2020.

Julian Garnsey, project director for Triton Knoll and RWE said: “I am delighted to be working with EDS who, along with their parent company James Fisher, bring strong UK-based skills to the Triton Knoll project. This is another example of the potential for offshore wind to deliver regional investment into coastal communitie­s and businesses where jobs and economic regenerati­on are most needed.”

EDS has completed more than 9,000 terminatio­ns without failure. Their strong safety, performanc­e and quality records enables a ‘no snag’ approach, completing the work in 36-hour windows to ensure progressio­n of the timecritic­al project.

The model eliminates return site visits, helping keep the safety risk associated with getting crew to the site, the emissions associated with the vessels required, and the cost to the project owner, to a minimum.

Lee Glendening, terminatio­n and testing business manager at EDS, who is leading the project execution as part of the onshore project management team, said: “We are highly experience­d in this type of complex work, which requires multi-skilled teams working in rotation to meet a scheduled deadline. “We have an enviable reputation for high-quality terminatio­n experience and engineerin­g expertise.

“When we first started working with Triton Knoll, we struck up a very natural relationsh­ip. With projects like this where there is complex work taking place within tight deadlines, our clients need the confidence that we can deliver – we have demonstrat­ed expertise and experience in this work and are proud to be playing our part in supporting the transition to renewable energy sources.”

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 ??  ?? The first offshore wind turbine being installed at Triton Knoll.
The first offshore wind turbine being installed at Triton Knoll.
 ??  ?? Julian Garnsey, project director for Triton Knoll with Innogy
Julian Garnsey, project director for Triton Knoll with Innogy

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