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Founder hopes ‘Elevenses’ interview series will prove ‘entertaini­ng, engaging and informativ­e’


THE 2021 event is a chance for Paul Sewell to return to centre stage during a week which he helped found more than 16 years ago, and will always be close to his heart.

He said: “I have been delighted to see the week continue to flourish for 15 years, and I really wanted to play a big part this year as it returns to the fold.

“I did an interview with John Prescott a couple of years ago and it went down really well, so that got me thinking about doing something similar this year.

“Then I thought that I’d approach a number of interestin­g people I have been fortunate enough to get to know throughout my career - people who have great stories to tell about their varied working careers and business – to create an interview series for the week. “I am delighted with the quality of people who have agreed to take part and the aim is to make these interviews entertaini­ng, engaging and informativ­e, and something people can choose to tune into on a coffee break each day, between the many other excellent events being staged. I’m aiming for a mix of Parkinson and Piers Morgan!”

I’m aiming for a mix of Parkinson and Piers


Paul Sewell

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