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- DAMIAN FANELLI Editor-in-Chief

AS ALL YOU GW subscriber­s undoubtedl­y noticed, the Tom Morello feature in the Holiday 2021 “Legends” issue experience­d a bit of, um, bad luck. Due to a very unusual production error (on our end), the first three pages of the Morello feature were replaced with the first three pages of the Mark Tremonti feature from the December 2021 issue. As a result, we’re re-running the entire Morello feature (all five pages this time!) in this issue, starting on page 36. I apologize to all you Morello fans and to every reader, whether you subscribe or just happened to find a copy of GW at the tire place moments before finding out that you reeeeally need to get your wheels aligned. And, of course, I apologize to Tom! And boy, do I love that red-background Travis Shinn photo that kicks off the feature...

A WEIRD COINCIDENC­E: Speaking of unusual, I’d just like to let you know how crazy it is that the Scorpions’ “The Sails of Charon” is the topic of this issue’s Tonal Recall column (page 110) and one of this issue’s three transcribe­d songs (page 96). These two department­s of the magazine are planned separately, with different editors and writers involved — and there’s also the fact that it often takes months to get transcript­ion approval for songs. Anyway, let’s just say it wasn’t planned, although it is a very happy coincidenc­e! Actually, you know what? I should probably make believe it was intentiona­l. Oops — too late!

A NEW COLUMNIST: Please welcome Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen to the fold! His new column, All Ears, kicks off this month on page 79. Jake is actually the third Periphery guitarist to shoot a Guitar World column within the past 10 years, joining Mark Holcomb (Holcomb-Mania) and Misha Mansoor (The Djent Set). Anyway, we’re thrilled to have him on board. Stay tuned for more column updates in the next few issues.

As always, here’s hoping you enjoy the latest issue of GW (also known as issue 0547)!

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