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“Alot of it was improvised. Even when we shot the video, I probably played everything in the wrong place. I didn’t write it down and couldn’t remember exactly what I did, so I just faked my way through it. [Laughs] I don’t do these things a lot, especially instrument­al projects. The instrument­al stuff from me has been very limited and generally just on Extreme albums. But Benny put a gun to my head and forced me to do it. I don’t want to call it a neoclassic­al track, but it does have those orchestral elements. I didn’t even know any of the other players on this track; I knew who they were but I didn’t know them personally. It was really interestin­g to hear what I was doing going into someone else’s completely different approach. You can hear different paintings in the same song, unique interpreta­tions of ultimately the same sort of message.

“I guess what I’m doing is all from the Eddie Van Halen school of playing. I don’t really orchestrat­e my leads. I just let the thing run and play to it. When I listen back, if I like 100 percent, then I'll keep it. If I like 20 percent, I’ll take it somewhere else from there. So it might be built in that sense, but it’s more of a magical thing that comes from jamming along to the music and seeing where it takes you freely, without too much thought. I’ve always been like that; I tend to learn things by ear instantly and just nail it. That’s what works for me, rather than thinking too much. I always want my leads to be emotional. Even if you like the technical stuff, I want you to be distracted by the emotion first. That’s the thing that makes you want to hear it again. It’s how all my favorite guitar players made me feel.”

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