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STREET PRICES: $219.99 (Dept. 10 Boost); $299.99 (Dept. 10 Dual Drive or Dual Distortion) MANUFACTUR­ER:

Blackstar Amplificat­ion, blackstara­

All three pedals harness the power of an ECC83 triode tube driven by more than 200 volts to deliver true tube tone and dynamic.

The Dept. 10 Boost’s passive James high- and low-shelving EQ circuit allows users to sculpt a wide variety of natural-sounding tones using just two knobs.

The Dept. 10 Dual Drive and Dual Distortion pedals’ Cab Rig output provides simulated room, mic and speaker cabinet for realistic direct tones.

The Dual Drive and Dual Distortion pedals have two individual channels each with two selectable voices to provide the functional­ity of a custom two-channel amp.


If you love the responsive dynamics and harmonical­ly rich overdrive and distortion tones but want to ditch the overweight transforme­rs and bulk of a classic tube amp, Blackstar’s Dept. 10 products provide true tube tone in a pedal format.

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