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Desktop reference: Sometimes you need a tome — and your tone — close at hand. Here are a couple to make you sound erudite

Whether you’re a total guitar beginner or an advanced shredder, CEM Publishing’s Guitar Solo book contains everything you need to take your playing to the next level and beyond. This book is packed with lessons ranging from basic music theory to genre-specific soloing techniques. Arpeggios, diatonic harmony, shred exercises, modes, triads, scales — it’s all here! Instructor­s at the Sweetwater Academy of Music and Technology love this book’s no-nonsense approach to guitar education. Guitar Solo boasts over 1,100 pages, but only 1 percent is text, so you’ll spend less time reading and more time making that ever-important visual connection with your instrument. Plus, Guitar Solo’s wide variety of tablature and traditiona­l notation exercises on genres ranging from blues to heavy metal makes it an indispensa­ble tool for advancing guitarists of almost any background. Michael Angelo Batio says, “This is the most comprehens­ive book on guitar that has ever been written,” and he goes further, “ is literally THE ONE book that you can have that would be the dictionary of modern guitar.”


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